Hard work pays off.

We are very proud of our achievements including awards, industry recognitions, memberships, and success stories.

Best Storage Products of 2021

BeeGFS wins the 2021 StorageNewsletter.com storage product of the year for Best Parallel File System!

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HPCwire Award 2020

BeeGFS wins the 2020 HPCwire Readers Choice Award for Top 5 New Products or Technologies to Watch

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HPCwire Award 2019

BeeGFS wins the 2019 HPCwire Readers Choice Award for Best HPC Storage Product or Technolgy

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Black Hole Image

BeeGFS and the Black Hole Image. See how BeeGFS was used to help enable
this breakthrough.

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IO-500 list June 2019, BeeGFS ranks #5 with CSIRO

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HPCwire Award 2018

ThinkParQ & BeeGFS receives Honors in 2018 HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

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EOFS Member 

ThinkParQ is a member of EOFS

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